EURADRIA is a #PactForSkills Member!

The Pact For Skills is one of the flagship actions of the European Skills Agenda. It aims to get public and private organisations together and encourage them to make concrete commitments to upskilling and reskilling adults.

National, regional and local authorities; companies; social partners; cross-industry and sectoral organisations; chambers of commerce; education and training providers; employment services – they can all become members of the Pact for Skills.

All members of the Pact sign up to the Charter and agree to uphold its four key principles:

  • promoting a culture of lifelong learning for all 
  • building strong skill partnerships 
  • monitoring skill supply/demand and anticipating skill needs 
  • working against discrimination and for gender equality and equal opportunities.

Since 23rd December 2022, EURADRIA cross-border partnership is an Official Member of the Pact!

EURADRIA commitments :

1. Strengthen the commitment of the cross-border partnership on skills in the area between Italy and Slovenia

2. Support cross-border communication and dissemination of the Pact at cross-border level; Inform and share EURADRIA’s commitment on the Pact for Skills with other European cross-borders and the entire EURES network

3. Support skills monitoring within the cross-border area, and anticipate skills needs within the cross-border labour market, working in direct contact with employers in the area

The Pact is an inclusive action and its membership is in constant expansion!

If you would like to join EURADRIA commitments under the Pact, becoming a member, contact us at: