Online Studio Dealer/Game presenter

Job Title:Online Studio Dealer/Game presenter – 100 open positions
Position Type:Full time
Job DescriptionPresenting the tables and games in a professional manner and in accordance with company procedures and gaming regulations. Ensuring that the highest standards of efficiency and customer satisfaction are maintained. Achieving increasingly high standards of performance by collaborating with the gaming inspector and supervisor.
Role and Responsibilities              To guarantee that the highest standard of efficient dealing and game management is carried out in accordance with company procedures and the Gaming Act, as well as ensuring that the rules of the games are always observed.To start each new game within but not exceeding the pre-set time interval appearing on the screen.To create a pleasant, friendly and welcoming atmosphere when greeting new players. This must be reflected in the tone of voice, facial expression, posture and attitude.To explain the rules of the games to customers.To call “no more bets” in good time, to make sure that the call is observed always and that no more bets are accepted, added, removed or changed once they have been given and accepted.To keep up a proficient and clear commentary on all transactions carried out.To ensure a high standard of security against all cheating.To notify the supervisor immediately of any equipment malfunction.To collaborate with the supervisor to improve the games and other related matters.To keep the tables and their surroundings free of clutter.To maintain the highest possible standard of customer relations and company reputation.To give appropriate handover at change of shift.To conduct any other reasonable tasks as may be directed by the employer from time to time, in accordance with company exigencies.  
Person Specification (Skills; knowledge; experience; attitude)Excellent communication skills;Smart appearance;Excellent command of English;Basic IT knowledge;Be a team player; A flexible approach to work;Previous experience in a similar job and gaming knowledge will be considered an asset.
SalarySalary Eur 1.120 (Gross) + Bonus Eur 250 – Monthly (Gross) + benefits for relocation coming from the EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme project
How to applyPlease, send your CV to and in CC to, with the subject “Online Studio Dealer/Game presenter”; inviare il proprio CV a e in copia a, indicando in oggetto “Online Studio Dealer/Game presenter”; Svoj življenjepis pošljite na in v CC na s pripisom “Online Studio Dealer/Game presenter”