Tools for Workers, Employers and Organisations

  • WORKERS CV EUROPASS to track your skills, create a CV in European format and a cover letter, plan your studies or training
  • WORKERS, EMPLOYERS AND ORGANISATIONS – the network of EURES Advisers in the cross-border region
  • WORKERS, EMPLOYERS AND ORGANISATIONS EURADRIA InfoDesk: Income tax declaration and contributions, Health coverage, Sickness, Maternity, Accidents, Unemployment benefits, Employment contracts, Safety at work, Job opportunities in Italy, Job opportunities in Slovenia, Business activity in Italy, Business activity in Slovenia, Legal support
  • WORKERS, EMPLOYERS AND ORGANISATIONS – watch EURADRIA’s informative videos to learn about cross-border mobility and be updated on taxation, social security, unemployment, businesses, health emergency
  • WORKERS, EMPLOYERS AND ORGANISATIONS – learn more about cross-border mobility with guides and factsheets on taxation, social security, labour market, contracts, family allowances, unemployment