Domestic work: the SI.CON.TE Service

SI.CON.TE is a public service activated by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, which offers a specialised service to match supply and demand in the field of domestic work.

SI.CON.TE is therefore aimed at those who are looking for work in the domestic sector and intend to apply for a job as a domestic helper, babysitter or family assistant, and at families who need help in caring for their loved ones or their home.

If you are looking for work in the domestic field, the Service offers the possibility to submit your application, outline your professional profile and meet families who are looking for a professional to hire.

In addition, SI.CON.TE can provide you with information on the types of contract applicable in the domestic sector (namely, Libretto Famiglia or Contratto Collettivo del lavoro domestic – Collective agreement for domestic work) and on the salary ranges provided.

The Service is free of charge and consists of a network of branches throughout the region..

In order to access SI.CON.TE it’s sufficient to contact the nearest Desk, by phone or email, at the following addresses:


Scala Cappuccini, 1 – tel. 0039 040 3772899



Piazzale Salvo D’Acquisto, 3 – tel. 0039 0481 386650



Corso Italia, 55 – tel. 0039 0481 386666



Largo San Giorgio, 12 – tel. 0039 0434 529399


  • UDINE:

Viale Duodo, 3 – tel. 0039 0432 207881



Via Matteotti 19 – tel. 0039 0432 207816


The contract types within the domestic work

Contract typesWorking timeClassification
*The classification level is defined according to the tasks to be carried out by the worker.
Indicative salary as CS level  
COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT OF DOMESTIC WORKHOURLY CONTRACT (full time/part time)   COHABITATION (54h forfait)   NIGHTLYB LEVEL e.g. Cleaner. Carries out tasks related to housekeeping (domestic help)  

B Super LEVEL e.g. Childcare (Baby sitter)  

C Super LEVEL e.g. Family assistant caring for dependent persons (untrained), including activities related to the needs for food and cleaning of the home where the persons are living (Family assistant)  

D Super LEVEL e.g. Trained family assistant (OSS qualified careworker, nurse) who provides care for dependent persons including, but not limited to, activities related to the provision of food and cleaning of the home where the persons are living.  
HOURLY CONTRACT: 6.93 € gross per hour  


NIGHT ASSISTANCE: 1,180 € gross
So called “LIBRETTO FAMIGLIA”  Flexible hours Max 280 hours per yearUNIQUE CLASSIFICATIONFIXED RETRIBUTION 10€ gross per hour (8€ per worker + 2 € INPS contributions)  

*Maximum 5.000€ annual salary  
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  • Italian level A2
  • Experience, even informal, in caring for dependent persons or minors.