EURES: the EURopean Employment Services network



EURES is a cooperation network established and coordinated by the European Commission to facilitate the free movement of workers within the European Union, as well as in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein (EEA countries) and Switzerland. The network includes public employment services, trade unions, employers’ organizations. The network is made up of the European Coordination Office (ECO), the National Coordination Offices (NCO), the EURES partners and the associated partners.

In practice, EURES provides its services through the portal and a network of around one thousand consultants, in daily contact with job seekers and employers from all over Europe. EURES is divided into numerous projects and events that aim to encourage mobility in Europe.


– To every EU citizen, who has the right to work and reside in another member state, whose free movement is guaranteed by the Treaty on European Union (articles 3, 39, 40) and by European legislation.

– To any employer with registered office in one of the 31 member countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) or in Switzerland, who has a valid VAT number or national registration number.


Through the EURES portal it is possible to:

  • create a CV in EUROPASS format using the “My CV” function, for the insertion of the online curriculum and consultation of the profile by EURES Advisers and European employers;
  • create a European Skills Passport, through the “My SKILL PASSPORT” function, to compile an electronic wallet that provides a complete overview of skills and competences;
  • apply for a job search through the “Find a job” function, which allows access to a database of job vacancies in Europe updated daily;
  • find internship and apprenticeship opportunities;
  • find information on living and working conditions in other EU countries;
  • access the CVs of registered candidates as an employer;
  • publish a job offer;
  • chat with the EURES Advisers present on the European territory, available to citizens and businesses, able to provide information, assistance or solutions to specific difficulties.

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The European Online Job Days are dynamic recruiting events, which bring job seekers and employers to interact together.
Applicants can find not only recruitment opportunities but also information and practical advice through EURES Advisers and other employment professionals.

Work days vary in size and occupational sector, but all contribute to the goal of encouraging mobility in Europe.
To make the days accessible to the greatest number of people, the European Online Job Days have been created, which allow employers and workers to meet “virtually” without being physically present at an event on site. Hundreds of events take place all over Europe every year.

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EURES Targeted Mobility Scheme – TMS

The targeted EURES mobility program (TMS) promotes the match between supply and demand, in order to facilitate job placement, supporting employers in the creation and promotion of vacancies on the project platform, stimulating contacts and links between employers and sector associations in the various EU countries, spreading online recruitment systems, attracting SMEs willing to hire workers from other Member States and supporting the entry into the labor market of workers available for professional mobility in Europe, also if disadvantaged and / or low-skilled.

Visit the EURES TMS platform, as a worker to upload your CV and access the financial benefits of the project, as a company to promote your job offers and benefit from contributions for the integration of personnel in the company!

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