7th April, 2017 Sala Tiziano Tessitori, Trieste

EASI - EURES - " Cross-border partnerships and support to cooperation on intra - EU mobility for EEA countries " (VS / 2016 / 0321)


7th April 2017, Sala Tiziano Tessitori, Trieste

The EURADRIA 2017 kickoff meeting has been summoned today, in Trieste, to formally start and organize the 2017 activities.

Old & new partners, with shared goals, to enhance and support a set of actions aimed at promoting a fair, legal and profitable geographical mobility and the employment opportunities of the job market spanning across the Euradria region ,i.e. the area across Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.


All the actions have been presented, by each partner responsible for, confirming the strong operativity of EURADRIA 2017.

Euradria 2017 has been designed to represent a concrete action favouring actual and potential frontier workers and employers in the cross border labour market: traineeships, working groups, Euradria Advisers factsheet agreement, employers involvement, an online shared helpdesk, surveys.....................and more!



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