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1 - Where are you from (Country)?
Unemployed, searching for job
Employed in the neighbouring Country (I’m a frontier worker
Employed in my Country of residence
Employed in search of a new job opportunity
I am in education/training/apprenticeship
I work in an unsafe condition (undeclared work)
(more than one answer possible)
social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
You Tube
recruitment event/ job fair
job mobility info session/workshop
my future employer
private employment agency
public employment service
EURES Advisers
EURES website
EURADRIA website
education/training institution
television, radio, newspaper
friends, acquaintances
(more than one answer possible)
Unemployed and difficult to find work in my country
Interested in services provided by EURADRIA InfoDesks
To learn a new language or improve my language proficiency
To have temporary work experience in another EU country
To move and settle permanently in another EU country
To make the most of job opportunities between the two neighbouring countries
To make new friends and get to know a new culture
To gain additional, practical training in my profession
The neighbouring Country offers a wider range of job opportunities in my profession
(more than one answer possible)
General information on the cross-border labour market
General information on living and working in Italy and/or in Slovenia
Specific information on social security as a frontier worker (family allowances, parental leave, sickness, disability,…)
Specific information on unemployment as a frontier jobseeker
Specific information on taxation as a frontier worker
Participation to a job fair/recruitment event
Legal/administrative assistance to overcome cross-border job mobility obstacles
Matching and placement functionalities through the website registration