Education & Training

This page contains information on activities related to the acquisition, development and recognition of skills and competences within the cross-border region, as well as useful updates and initiatives at European level.

  • Comparing National Qualifications Frameworks in Europe (EQF EUROPASS): Information on national qualifications frameworks and qualification levels. With the help of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) it is possible to see how National Qualifications Frameworks (NFQ) relate to each other. The tool allows you to select 2 countries to see which types of qualifications are included in the national frameworks that refer to the EQF. You can find up to 5 examples of qualifications for each type of national qualification.
  • Survey the main employment sectors of the cross-border market (EURADRIA 20/21): two specific common and relevant leading sectors in the cross-border region, to collect information on the basic vocational skills of cross-border workers employed in the selected leading sectors and the needs of employers, also considering the changing scenarios of the selected sectors in the project area, in order to identify the 10 relevant and bilaterally recognised emerging job profiles in the cross-border area.
  • Create a EUROPASS profile to track your skills, create a CV in European format and a cover letter, plan your studies or training.