Cross-Border Hackathon: Job Mobility, Cross-Border cooperation, Cohesion and Resilience

16 December 2021

This event was born within the general EU labour mobility framework and EURES, so under the EURopean Employment Services framework, and in particular under a Cross-Border job mobility project, namely EURADRIA, financed with EU funds, with the idea to both close the project 20-21 implementation, but specially to try to find collective answers and ways to better face the changes we are still living as consequences of Covid-19 pandemic.

The panelists:

the European Commission-DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion-EMPL E1: Labour Mobility, Public Employment Services, ELA

the European Trade Union Confederation – ETUC

the Italian and Slovenian EURES National Coordination Offices

the Italian National Cohesion Agency – Office 6 – Co-financed Territorial Cooperation Operational Programmes, international affairs, and bilateral cooperation

the European Territorial Cooperation Strategy- EUSAIR ADRIATIC-IONIAN EUROREGION

the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation EGTC GO IT/SLO

the European Cross-Border Citizens Alliance (AEBR/MOT/CESCI)

The CROSS-BORDER HACKATHON, organized by the EURADRIA IT/SLO Cross-Border Partnership, has been held online on December 16th 2021.

The main topics discussed: Job mobility, Social Security, Cross-Border Cooperation, Cohesion and Resilience within EU.

The registration of the public event is accessible in English at the following link: