Bus Drivers operating in the Province of Udine

Deadline for the job applications on 15/03/2023

  • Number of available positions: 5
  • Employer: Società Autolinee Pubbliche SAP a.r.l.
  • General information:
    Location of the assignment: Province of Udine, Italy
    Form of employment: job
    Type of contract full time
    Duration: permanent contract (6 months of probationary period)
    Minimum gross annual wage (Euro): around 24063.65 (1501,65 EUR for 14 monthly payments) plus 1200 EUR per year for additional services such as cleaning, washing (if requested) and refueling the bus during ordinary shift (100 EUR/month per 12 months) plus daily meal ticket (equal to 8 EUR net for each working day).
  • Job description:
    The S.A.P. a r.l. was founded in 1986 with the specific aim at providing public transport service by road, mainly connecting multiple Municipalities within Lazio region.
    S.A.P: a.r.l. has recently obtained the management of the public transport service in the Province of Udine. The possible destinations for the D-class bus drivers will be the Municipalities of Torreano, Drenchia, Codroipo, Sedegliano, Mortegliano, Latisana.
  • The Company offers: permanent position; contractual conditions according to the Italian collective agreement; overtime payments (if requested). Working days from Monday to Friday (Saturday and Sunday are off).
    • General requirements:
      National (and resident) in a EU country + Norway and Iceland OR Resident in any EU country + Norway and Iceland (ONLY third countries national with long term residence status ) except Italy
    • Registered on the EURE S TMS platform with a complete CV in English
  • Language knowledge: Italian language knowledge, minimum A2 level
  • Other specific requirements:
    • class D-class driving licence
    • Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CQC) in accordance with European guidelines.
    • Driver’s Tachograph Card: additional requirement to operate in the extraurban routes of public transport services: (“Carta del conducente”, can be obtained within 15/30 days of time).
    • Certificate of physical and psycho-aptitude suitability of the personnel assigned to public transport services: the Employer will schedule an appointment for the medical examination as soon as possible.
  • Procedure to participate in the selection:
    To participate in the selection it is necessary to be registered on EURES- TMS
    Platform: https://euresmobility.anpal.gov.it/
    The CV must be written in English and COMPLETED in all the fields.
    Once you are registered and you have COMPLETELY filled in your CV, please send an email to jobmobility@cittametropolitanaroma.it (to Matias Marogna) and in CC to euradria@regione.fvg.it
    Only candidates registered, with a complete CV and responding to the requirements will be contacted for the selection.

Find here the full job offer description